Paris Hilton talks “Bling Ring”: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting what they did…I was just so horrified”

Piers Morgan

In advance of her cameo in the upcoming film “Bling Ring” – based upon a robbery scheme of which she was a victim – this evening Paris Hilton joined “Piers Morgan Live” for a primetime, face to face interview.

Joining the host live in his Los Angeles studio, the 32-year-old heiress shared her thoughts on those who broke into her home, rifled through her belongings, and helped themselves to whatever they wanted:

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting what they did, when I was watching the movie I was just so horrified and disgusted by what they did to me,” said Hilton, referring to surveillance video of the thieves in action. “It was just so wrong, so it just was very upsetting.”

Speaking to the role social media played in enabling the thieves to access her information, and as such, access her home, Hilton noted the need for an increased level…

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FEELINGS can you let them out?

Everyone of us faces many things in life that make him feel something and leave a memory either in their brains or hearts.But sometimes you find it very difficult to describe that feeling not because it is a weird one or your the first one to feel it, but i think because you do not want to admit it to yourself!

Let us take as an example love/hate situations.One you love someone and try to explain why do you love him to others you cannot ,and same for hatred.Besides ,I think that with time it will be more difficult since technological development is turning people to be robotic and less emotional!And with time we are going to love and hate” robotically” (i created this word!) !! This robot inside of us will suppress feelings and turn them to a mathematical equation for example!this robot will make us forget how to laugh or even cry since whenever we need to do so he will turn the switch feeling off!

Robots are feeling-less!they are remote controlled by technology which is the last controlled by robotic people and the circle rotates on and on and on……..

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I wonder if you think of me

I wonder if you ever loved me 

Am not sad that you’re gone

though am not happy or having fun

days are passing so fast

am not forgetting the past

facing this all alone

every night i grab my phone 

remember all these chats we made

our memories are going to fade

sorry i wont let them to

ill bring my colors and do 

paint them all over again

to keep you in my heart and then

paste you beside my soul 

because  believe me you’re still my all!!



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Life sucks but is still worth living!(those are the words of 12 yrs old kid)



 One day on my way to work I read a graffiti written on the wall which says”Life sucks but it is worth living… and I am 12 years old!!” At that moment I laughed because of the idea that a young kid wrote a meaningful sentence and about LIFE!! On my way back at the same day I kept an eye on the same wall to reread the sentence but it seems i lost it but i kept on thinking with its words!

Is life really worth living?Does life really sucks?and what made a 12 years old kid think in that way?A twelve year old kid living a normal life must think about playing with his friends,beating other kids at a school fight,how to solve a math equation,what is the name of a reaction between this and that,what  is for lunch,who is superman,how to be the popular guy who all girls want to hangout with,what to wear for a school party,the music he likes to listen to,how to be trendy,asking a girl out ,arguing mom and dad,…There are many things for a twelve year old kid to think about …Therefore life for him is really worth living!

Oh sorry let me tell you something a twelve years old Lebanese kid thinks quite different.A Lebanese kid thinks more about the future ,not because he is smart or intelligent but the main reason goes to his dear country!!unfortunately!!This kid is not living since he is afraid to lose his family,friends,relatives,colleagues…this kid is afraid losing his dreams,thoughts…and the big lost his future!!

But wait,this kid still sees the bright side and knows how to live the happy moments to the maximum ,still knows how and when to laugh,knows where to play safe and with who , knows    how to help and who,and knows the name of the reaction ,how to fight,how to solve the equation,how to ask a girl out,when to argue mom and dad,and how to be trendy … This is why life sucks but is still worth living!

When i reached home and remembered the words I felt sorry and it made me cry!

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THINK and Act !But Slowly!


      When they say life is hard , believe it! Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a situation where the only way out is to take the right decision,and doing so is a problem.These days are passing by so quickly and you feel sometimes that if you miss any second you will be lost.In such situations you think do not have enough time to think , so think fast then act fast too!

BUT wait, this didn’t work with me on that day !I really took a wrong decision which I am regretting till now!I received that email , opened the attachment,read it and then replied! The whole story took about five minutes!oh very fast but unlucky me the whole story lead me to nowhere!Nowhere where i do not want to be anymore !

What could have happened that day if i just opened the email ,read the attachment and then went to the bathroom?or chit chat with my mom?or watched television?or maybe checked my whats app messages? Maybe nothing but maybe everything would have changed !At least i would have been reached somewhere!!!

Then my dear friends , Think slowly and act slowly too you will never regret it!

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Tonight I will kill MYSELF!

  Image      I was born in a semi-conservative family.I do not remember much about my childhood since I was born during war time!and by the way I do not have any picture as a child except one(no comment).

As a child , they say I used to nag very much in an annoying way but at the same time I was cute and chubby.My school life was considered to be nice and normal , i have to say so since i do not remember much about it too.

I remember that we were a happy family , we go picnics on Sundays,visit our relatives on weekends,play with our cousins at our house ,celebrate holidays all together … Then all of a sudden everything changed ;our store was stolen by an unknown and we were broke!!Then we moved to the city and changed school and bla bla blaaa ….

My story begins now.

I changed!Something made me change,i do not know if to the worse…I used to be optimistic,smart,happy,relaxed,strong,beautiful,goal oriented,loving,caring,sweet,friendly…

But now everything has changed!Myself is not the old ME! U know now if you open my heart you will find it beating so fast as there is something frightening it , yeah I am afraid …

Afraid of everything even people!even myself !!!

So that’s why i decided to KILL MYSELF TONIGHT!



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لا أريد ان اكون أنا 

بل أريد ان ارى الأنا 

التي تحكم بي وتحرمني طعم الهنا 

اين انت يا أنا؟

الم تظهري بعد؟الى متى؟متى؟

أعلم اني مجنونة 

أكلم نفسي أحياناً

أعلم اني مسجونة 

في داخل نفسي أحياناً

اعلم اني مستغبية

أضحك على نفسي أحياناً

وأعلم انني كاذبة 

محترفة في الكذب على نفسي أحياناً

ولكني أحلم وأرى صورتي في المستقبل 

ومهما يا دنيا فعلت في الانا تأكدي سأقبل

ونفسي ستكون راضية 

لأنني أعلم أن هذه أنت يا “دنيا” وعلي ان أتقبل 

فعلاً ما أشقاكي يا “دنيا”

تتعبيننا عمرا طويلا ثم نرحل 

نترك وراءنا كل شيء 

ونبقى ذكرى هذا اذا بقينا نعم أخافكي يا دنيا ،أخافكي 

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