Tonight I will kill MYSELF!

  Image      I was born in a semi-conservative family.I do not remember much about my childhood since I was born during war time!and by the way I do not have any picture as a child except one(no comment).

As a child , they say I used to nag very much in an annoying way but at the same time I was cute and chubby.My school life was considered to be nice and normal , i have to say so since i do not remember much about it too.

I remember that we were a happy family , we go picnics on Sundays,visit our relatives on weekends,play with our cousins at our house ,celebrate holidays all together … Then all of a sudden everything changed ;our store was stolen by an unknown and we were broke!!Then we moved to the city and changed school and bla bla blaaa ….

My story begins now.

I changed!Something made me change,i do not know if to the worse…I used to be optimistic,smart,happy,relaxed,strong,beautiful,goal oriented,loving,caring,sweet,friendly…

But now everything has changed!Myself is not the old ME! U know now if you open my heart you will find it beating so fast as there is something frightening it , yeah I am afraid …

Afraid of everything even people!even myself !!!

So that’s why i decided to KILL MYSELF TONIGHT!



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