THINK and Act !But Slowly!


      When they say life is hard , believe it! Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a situation where the only way out is to take the right decision,and doing so is a problem.These days are passing by so quickly and you feel sometimes that if you miss any second you will be lost.In such situations you think do not have enough time to think , so think fast then act fast too!

BUT wait, this didn’t work with me on that day !I really took a wrong decision which I am regretting till now!I received that email , opened the attachment,read it and then replied! The whole story took about five minutes!oh very fast but unlucky me the whole story lead me to nowhere!Nowhere where i do not want to be anymore !

What could have happened that day if i just opened the email ,read the attachment and then went to the bathroom?or chit chat with my mom?or watched television?or maybe checked my whats app messages? Maybe nothing but maybe everything would have changed !At least i would have been reached somewhere!!!

Then my dear friends , Think slowly and act slowly too you will never regret it!

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2 Responses to THINK and Act !But Slowly!

  1. Smilecalm thank You this is my first like!!i appreciate

  2. Thnk u all for liking wait keep in touch to read the next posts

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