Life sucks but is still worth living!(those are the words of 12 yrs old kid)



 One day on my way to work I read a graffiti written on the wall which says”Life sucks but it is worth living… and I am 12 years old!!” At that moment I laughed because of the idea that a young kid wrote a meaningful sentence and about LIFE!! On my way back at the same day I kept an eye on the same wall to reread the sentence but it seems i lost it but i kept on thinking with its words!

Is life really worth living?Does life really sucks?and what made a 12 years old kid think in that way?A twelve year old kid living a normal life must think about playing with his friends,beating other kids at a school fight,how to solve a math equation,what is the name of a reaction between this and that,what  is for lunch,who is superman,how to be the popular guy who all girls want to hangout with,what to wear for a school party,the music he likes to listen to,how to be trendy,asking a girl out ,arguing mom and dad,…There are many things for a twelve year old kid to think about …Therefore life for him is really worth living!

Oh sorry let me tell you something a twelve years old Lebanese kid thinks quite different.A Lebanese kid thinks more about the future ,not because he is smart or intelligent but the main reason goes to his dear country!!unfortunately!!This kid is not living since he is afraid to lose his family,friends,relatives,colleagues…this kid is afraid losing his dreams,thoughts…and the big lost his future!!

But wait,this kid still sees the bright side and knows how to live the happy moments to the maximum ,still knows how and when to laugh,knows where to play safe and with who , knows    how to help and who,and knows the name of the reaction ,how to fight,how to solve the equation,how to ask a girl out,when to argue mom and dad,and how to be trendy … This is why life sucks but is still worth living!

When i reached home and remembered the words I felt sorry and it made me cry!

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