FEELINGS can you let them out?

Everyone of us faces many things in life that make him feel something and leave a memory either in their brains or hearts.But sometimes you find it very difficult to describe that feeling not because it is a weird one or your the first one to feel it, but i think because you do not want to admit it to yourself!

Let us take as an example love/hate situations.One you love someone and try to explain why do you love him to others you cannot ,and same for hatred.Besides ,I think that with time it will be more difficult since technological development is turning people to be robotic and less emotional!And with time we are going to love and hate” robotically” (i created this word!) !! This robot inside of us will suppress feelings and turn them to a mathematical equation for example!this robot will make us forget how to laugh or even cry since whenever we need to do so he will turn the switch feeling off!

Robots are feeling-less!they are remote controlled by technology which is the last controlled by robotic people and the circle rotates on and on and on……..

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