You Know the Answer Why I didn’t Know the Answer!


  I remember my mom standing on the balcony of our apartment waving for us before we go to high school, and i will never forget this scene. Then suddenly one picture comes to my mind  when at the last day the teacher asked that question: “Linda,what do you want to be in the future?” 

Believe it or not till now i am searching for the answer of course you’ll ask me why and I am here writing to tell you ( PS:At that time I told him I don’t know and i didn’t decide yet.)

I live in a country (if it really so) where people love each other 

In a country where people respect each other.

In a country where everything thing for a better life is available.

In a country where leaders,politicians and business men work to help needy ones

In a country where you can go anywhere any place safely

In a country where you can plan for your future with a smile on your face and a relief in your heart

In a country where everyone lives happily,,all are equal 

In a country where you can breathe fresh air wherever you go …

And all that and till now I am still searching for the answer , isn’t it weird??

oh I am  sorry i didn’t mention to you that my country is “Lebanon*”

I guess you now know the ANSWER WHY I DIDN’T KNOW THE ANSWER!!!

Please Note That Lebanon is the Arabian country which was called the Switzerland Of The Middle East !(Surprising haa!!) 




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Welcome :)

I look around I see myself Alone,

I stare at the sky for few minutes I think am Alone!

I close my eyes I picture myself Alone!

then I think why is this happening to me?Am i depressed?Uhhh no

Then I think again why am i feeling like this?Am I depressed?oh Com’on

Then suddenly i hear someone saying “Am proud of you Girl !” (oppss i think i was thinking loudly)

Mom !!she is my everything ….

And am not alone, I know that am not!

So dears,welcome to my Blog I hope my words reach as many as possible !!

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